Client: University of Toronto
Project: Sport and Recreation Campaign
Agency: Clear Space

University of Toronto Sport & Rec was looking to raise awareness about all the physical programming available to U of T students. Many students were not aware that the sport & rec programs and facilities were open to all U of T. We created a quirky campaign to show that you didn’t have to be an athlete or a phys ed student join in the fun.


Client: Unisource Canada
Project: Starbrite Paper Promotion
Agency: Clear Space

Superior performance at budget-friendly prices. These were the key attributes of Unisource Canada’s Starbrite line of printing papers – and it was a message we needed to get out to printers and graphic designers. We created a kitschy launch campaign that features a cast of leading performers representing the benefits of Starbrite papers. Immediately after launch, sales for the product line went “top of the pops”.


Client: Build Toronto
Project: Annual Reports
Agency: Clear Space

Build Toronto was established by the City of Toronto as an arm’s-length real estate corporation to leverage the City’s surplus and underutilized real estate assets. We have worked with the organization since 2012 to help the company articulate its value to the City and highlight its commitment to City-Building through its annual reports and other communications channels.


Client: St. Lawrence College
Project: Recruitment Campaign

A comparatively small educational institution, St. Lawrence College needed to sell the advantages of getting a post-secondary education in a close-knit community-based environment. We worked with the college on a recruitment campaign that highlights the real-world benefits of the school’s practical, hands-on approach to learning, presented in a hip, progressive style that speaks to our young target audience.


Client: Toronto Global
Project: Amazon HQ2
Agency: Clear Space

Toronto Global, an arms-length corporation representing municipalities in the Toronto Region, led a team of experts to bid for Amazon’s second corporate headquarters. This highly detailed, proposal was aimed primarily at the retail tech giant’s executive decision committee. But with the knowledge that CEO Jeff Bezos was offering Amazon employees a voice at the table, what was needed was a way to connect directly with a younger audience. We worked with Clear Space to develop a creative platform that uses the vernacular of technology to speak to our audience. The campaign theme, UXTO, highlights the unique experience of living and working in Toronto, and invites the world to take a closer look at all that Toronto Region has to offer.


Client: Branksome Hall
Project: Capital Campaign
Agency: Clear Space

Branksome Hall, a Toronto independent school for girls, was launching a capital campaign to support the building of a new Athletics and Wellness Centre and its student financial aid endowment. We developed a campaign that focused on the fact that donors would be supporting more than a swimming pool or gymnasium, but rather helping to develop strong, confident young women who are fit to lead the future.


Client: Association of Registered Graphic Designers
Project: Social Good Awards
Agency: Clear Space

Each year, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) invites submissions of graphic design projects from around the world done under the theme of communication design for social good. We helped the RGD with the launch of this awards competition, including creating a name for the award – the So Good Awards (a contraction of the Social Good Awards) – and producing a campaign to promote the competition to designers around the world.


Client: YMCA of Greater Toronto
Project: 160th Anniversary Video
Agency: SOS

The YMCA of Greater Toronto has been working at the heart of our community since 1853. To commemorate its 160th anniversary, we wrote the script for a video that reflects on the YMCA’s legacy of commitment and compassion – highlighting the past, present and future of the organization as it strives to build a stronger, healthier future for all.


Client: Sunnybrook Foundation
Project: Donor and Campaign Communications
Agency: Clear Space

With 1.2 million patient visits per year, Sunnybrook is Canada’s largest single-site hospital dedicated to life-saving patient care and groundbreaking research. To continue their amazing work year after year, Sunnybrook counts on the generosity of its donors. Since 2008, we have worked with Clear Space and Sunnybrook Foundation as a strategic and creative partner to understand, appeal to, and show appreciation to the donors who make Sunnybrook’s efforts possible.


Client: Unisource Canada
Project: CMYK Awards
Agency: Clear Space

Unisource Canada’s CMYK Awards recognizes the top print representatives from across the country, as nominated and voted on by Canada’s design community. To promote this awards competition and encourage people to vote, we drew inspiration from the imagery and vernacular of a certain U.S. president’s election campaign. Yes we did.


Client: University of Toronto Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Project: Student Recruitment Campaign
Agency: Clear Space

U of T’s Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education was looking to create a recruitment campaign that would stand out from its peers while showcasing the program’s integrated curriculum that combines biophysical, behavioural and physical cultural studies. We developed a bold and dynamic creative platform that highlights the school’s integrated, research-driven approach while representing the faculty as a small, tight-knit and supportive community within a larger university setting.


Client: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Project: Marketing Communications
Agency: Zync

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP is one of Canada’s top firms specializing in business law. Osler has a team of over 400 lawyers in offices across Canada and in New York, who represent industry and business leaders in all segments of the market. We have supported the firm’s agency Zync on a range of marketing and brand communications to reinforce the law firm’s innovative and client-centred approach to business law.


Client: Seneca College
Project: Student Recruitment Campaign
Agency: SOS

Developed by SOS, Seneca College’s “Because It Matters” recruitment campaign conveys the importance of making the right educational choices in order for students to acquire the skills to graduate career-ready. We worked with SOS to develop messaging for the campaign. This work included profiling individual students for the campaign microsite, as well as extending the campaign messaging to the Seneca viewbook and other communications.


Client: Various
Project: Name Development

What’s in a name? A lot. Whether it’s introducing a new company, reinvigorating a brand or launching a new product line, a great name can help you stand out, send the right message, or stay top of mind. We have helped organizations of all sizes develop distinct and memorable names that support their business goals.


Client: Red Box
Project: Brand Story

Smart, fresh, fun. That’s what comes across when you meet the design team at Red Box. And it’s the personality we wanted to capture when Spellingbee helped the company develop its brand story. We collaborated with Red Box to create a theme that revolves around the concept of “open” – be it opening minds, opening doors or helping clients open up their business to new possibilities.


Client: Dillon Consulting
Project: Employee Communications
Agency: Clear Space

Dillon is an international, Canadian-owned professional consulting organization that advises clients in the application of science, technology and management. The company abides by a set of operating principles covering areas such as health & safety, technical quality and financial operations. We created a set of 27 cards to illustrate each of the company’s principles in a playful way that would engage employees.


Client: Antonacci Suits
Project: Brand Story
Agency: Red Box

A maker of fine custom-fitted handmade suits, Antonacci exemplifies quality with its commitment to old-world artistry and craftsmanship. It’s no wonder many of the city’s top bespoke tailors turn to Antonacci to produce their garments. With a rebranding by Red Box underway, we were enlisted to create a brand story that would encapsulate the company’s uncompromising dedication to creating the perfect suit.


Client: JDRF Canada
Project: Ride for Diabetes Research
Agency: Clear Space

The JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research has raised over $50 million for diabetes research since its start in 1988. The JDRF Ride is a stationary bike event involving teams riding in a high-energy, fun-filled atmosphere. We worked with Clear Space to develop a fresh campaign – including a new name and brand identity – that would help JDRF engage new audiences and establish the Ride as one of the leading fundraising events in Canada.


Client: Isaac Operations Limited
Project: Website
Agency: Zync

Isaac specializes in front-line operational and financial performance improvement. The team of engineers works closely with companies to improve their
operations and supply chain. We helped Isaac develop the content for its website – foregoing the typical consultant speak to present the Isaac team as pragmatic problem solvers that will get in there and work with their clients on the shop floor to deliver measurable results.


Client: Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan
Project: Employee “Corporate Culture” Book
Agency: Zync

In addition to being one of Canada’s most successful pension plans, HOOPP is also an organization with an award-winning corporate culture. In a year when HOOPP celebrated its 50th anniversary and introduced a new brand, we worked with Zync to create a unique book that showcases HOOPP’s strong internal culture, instills pride among its employees and reinforces their role in living the HOOPP brand.


Client: JDRF Canada
Project: Fundraising Campaign
Agency: Clear Space

JDRF Canada has embarked on a 5-year $55 million fundraising campaign to accelerate type 1 diabetes research in Canada and around the world and lead the charge to find a cure. We developed a theme for the campaign that creates a sense of urgency while highlighting to donors the challenges of living with this disease.


Client: Toronto Community Housing Corporation
Project: Annual Report
Agency: Clear Space

Toronto Community Housing is Canada’s largest social housing provider and a key part of the city’s infrastructure. We helped the corporation create an annual report that highlights the accomplishments and good work it does in providing homes for nearly 60,000 households with low and moderate incomes across the city, and helping to build vibrant communities and a better city for all.


Client: Navigator Ltd.
Project: Brand Development
Agency: Clear Space

Navigator is a high stakes communications firm that advises some of the world’s most influential people and brands. The firm’s reputation has grown along with the company. What wasn’t keeping up was its brand image. We worked with Clear Space to create a brand that better reflects the Navigator story – conveying the idea that clients should never feel boxed in, that there is always an opportunity to reframe the conversation, and a way forward to ensure their story is heard.


Client: Spellingbee
Project: Holiday Cards
Agency: Clear Space / Sali Tabacchi

We love bringing a smile to people’s faces. Every Christmas season, we’re known to send out a fun little card as our way of spreading some holiday cheer while also giving us a chance to exercise our creative muscles. Here are few of our favourites.


Client: YMCA of Greater Toronto
Corporate Communications
Agency: SOS

The YMCA of Greater Toronto is in the midst of a 10-year strategic plan focused on building communities that are home to the healthiest children, youth and young adults. Over the past few years, we have worked with the YMCA to help tell its story and express its vision to build a strong, vibrant community that includes and involves all.


Client: Toronto Eaton Centre
Urban Eatery
Agency: Ove Brand | Design

As part of a major revitalization of Toronto Eaton Centre, the Urban Eatery set a new standard for food court dining, offering an upscale experience unlike anything found in Canadian shopping centres at the time. We worked with Ove on a series of marketing and communications pieces to introduce and showcase this fresh new approach to dining in the heart of downtown Toronto.